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DML 2017

DML 2017

I wanted to capture some of my thinking as a result of the opportunity I have to attend the Digital Media and Learning Conference at U.C. Irvine. The Keynote talk- Danah Boyd – https://dml2017.dmlhub.net/people/danah-boyd/ This talk was Very thought provoking and got me to think deeply about the need for information literacy in our world.  The […]

Design Lab: Combining Learning, Innovation and Practice in Curriculum Design for Distance Learning Programs

Maker and DIY

A quick web search will turn up millions of results for the words Maker, and DIY, but so far these movements have involved only a relatively small, but growing number of people. The Maker and DIY movements have given birth to a variety of groups and activities. Maker Faires, Maker and Hacker spaces, online Maker […]

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