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Maker and DIY

A quick web search will turn up millions of results for the words Maker, and DIY, but so far these movements have involved only a relatively small, but growing number of people. The Maker and DIY movements have given birth to a variety of groups and activities. Maker Faires, Maker and Hacker spaces, online Maker […]


Learning Computational Thinking Skills- Arduino Project

As a part of a Seminar in Learning Technology course, I created the above video to describe my Arduino project. Part of the intention of this assignment was to have students experience the phenomena of being required to create a culturally relevant, functioning digital artifact that required low level coding, hardware design and ultimately the […]


A Delphi study focused on integration of Computational Thinking in Higher Education Curriculum

Eureka, I think I’ve found my dissertation topic! Computational Thinking is arguably becoming a skill that we cannot afford to be able to do.  The linked, seminal article from Jeanette Wing, Professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University titled Computational Thinking has been referenced over 1750 times. https://www.cs.cmu.edu/~15110-s13/Wing06-ct.pdf If Wing was correct, there is great […]


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